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Pictures taken on 06/28/13

id: 37907
Becky on her kindle
id: 37908
Hi Mom!
id: 37909
Nice view of the skyline
id: 37910
Becky checks it out
id: 37911
"Are you taking my picture?"
id: 37912
Becky taking a picture of the New York skyline
id: 37913
Aunt Kathy!
id: 37914
Aunt Teresa!
id: 37915
Uncle Chris!
id: 37916
The church was insanely hot
id: 37917
Practicing for the big day
id: 37918
Since I was in the wedding, I didn't get any pictures. So this is all you get!
id: 37919
Milling around outside the church
id: 37920
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris chose the world's darkest, and least photo friendly, restaurant in New York!
id: 37921
The bride and groom
id: 37922
Uncle Chris gives a very nice speech. Unfortunately, this photo is the only record of it!
id: 37923
id: 37924
Say cheese!
id: 37925
Aunt Teresa had a great time
id: 37926
I'm glad I brought the flash diffuser
id: 37927
Everyone smile!
id: 38380
I'm not even going to tell you what this is
id: 38381
Greg is unsure, but committed. Perhaps the lemon will help
id: 38382
"Are you taking my picture again??"
id: 38383
A sampling...
id: 38384
It's good!
id: 38385
Greg disagrees
id: 38386
Having second thoughts?
id: 38387
Almost 1am at a weird Japanese bar? Time for sunglasses!
id: 38388
Photo duel!
id: 38389
Yesss, sunglasses all around
id: 38390
The sake and the sunglasses were extremely dry
id: 38391
Attempting to coat Greg's head in cotton candy
id: 38392
Disaster strikes! Grinding noises, commotion, candy flying everywhere!
id: 38393
OK, time to make our escape
id: 38394
At least we rescued the sake. Or beer. Or whatever. The important thing is it has alcohol in it
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