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Pictures taken on 07/05/13

id: 38031
Bryce was all about "stuff on the rim of the glass" drinks
id: 38032
Whiskey sour with salt on the rim.. not so great
id: 38033
Fiber optic lamp!
id: 38034
I don't know what's up with this face
id: 38035
Bryce went and picked up Alan
id: 38036
I bought a 3DS XL!
id: 38037
Albert joins the "weird rim glass drink" club
id: 38038
Amanda's creepy creepy dolls
id: 38039
Vic's slightly less creepy figures
id: 38040
id: 38041
id: 38042
Playing random SNES games
id: 38043
The random SNES games were pretty fun actually
id: 38044
Bryce carefully inspects the games
id: 38045
id: 38046
Let's rock!!
id: 38047
It's been a while since we've had a good Rock Band session
id: 38048
We even busted out the smoke machine!
id: 38049
I love the projector light
id: 38050
id: 38051
With four people we were wrecking Mckeed's high scores
id: 38052
Smoke and singing!
id: 38053
Jefferson rocks the bass
id: 38054
Duct taping stuff to stuff
id: 38055
Laser vision!
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