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Pictures taken on 07/06/13

id: 38056
id: 38057
OK, maybe we overdid it on the smoke
id: 38058
Morning. Time for prescreenings
id: 38059
Albert's got his voting packet ready
id: 38060
137 videos!
id: 38061
Pay attention! Every vote counts!
id: 38062
Watch as I tilt my head like a doofus
id: 38063
Bryce started singing to me
id: 38064
Imagine this.. but for nine hours
id: 38065
Everyone loves prescreening
id: 38066
The auxiliarry room. PixelBlender plus Jefferson
id: 38067
Brakus looks so comfy
id: 38068
Well, that's done. Let's go eat
id: 38069
I think Peter is stealing his own car
id: 38070
Jammed in the back
id: 38071
Why didn't we think of this before?
id: 38072
Brakus is ready to wreck some buffets
id: 38073
Everyone's here!
id: 38074
Sometmies I don't know what Bryce's problem is
id: 38075
Bye Peter!
id: 38076
Omar was bewildered by my 3DS
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