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Pictures taken on 08/08/13

id: 38108
We're baaack!
id: 38109
Omar's been on site since Wednesday
id: 38110
Staff reg staff!
id: 38111
To Pub Ops!
id: 38112
Hey, fancy banner
id: 38113
Oh god, who created this abomination! Certainly not the Pub Ops folks
id: 38114
The reg line is already there
id: 38115
Omar can't believe his eyes
id: 38116
Look at the space between letters!
id: 38117
id: 38118
The registration folks hard at work
id: 38119
Hey I like this sign
id: 38120
Making badges!
id: 38121
Keep that line moving!
id: 38122
Ooo, another giant banner
id: 38123
So many registration stations
id: 38124
The line is pretty long.. and sleepy
id: 38125
It is 3DS cental here at Otakon
id: 38126
Amanda's ready to get the gear!
id: 38127
Hey it's me in my snazzy Otakon jersey!
id: 38128
Amanda somehow got a photo I took of her on her staff badge
id: 38129
Someone reeeaally likes Otakon
id: 38130
This cart was the best thing we ever got
id: 38131
Look how much stuff we can move on wheels now!
id: 38132
Lots of activity at Pub Ops
id: 38133
Vic's just gonna.. take these signs
id: 38134
id: 38135
Can you hear me now?
id: 38136
This is a pretty obscure joke..
id: 38137
We're back in AMV Ops!
id: 38138
Mckeed's on staff this year!
id: 38139
Setting up in Video 1
id: 38140
Let's play "find the bad connection"
id: 38141
The seats in Video 1
id: 38142
The lonliest seat
id: 38143
Hey cool, a photo mosaic
id: 38144
Made out of photos!
id: 38145
Testing the output from the server
id: 38146
Fixing the scaler
id: 38147
Vic doing what Vic does
id: 38148
Amanda's a mic stand
id: 38149
Our awesome sound guy James
id: 38150
id: 38151
Vic had fun once. It was awful
id: 38152
The quiet BCC
id: 38153
Drinking water in cramped elevators
id: 38154
Oculus Rift time!
id: 38155
Resting up before the weekend really starts
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