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Pictures taken on 08/10/13

id: 38226
id: 38227
Another impressive Attack on Titan cosplayer
id: 38228
Sailor Moon!
id: 38229
A typical text from Omar
id: 38230
Google Glass spotted in the wild!
id: 38231
Getting ready for Iron Editor
id: 38232
Oh no! A titan is attacking this photo shoot!
id: 38233
That 3D gear seems pretty cumbersome
id: 38234
How you can tell you're in AMV Ops
id: 38235
id: 38236
What's going on here?
id: 38237
Sailor scouts!
id: 38238
The Riddler checks.. I dunno, a riddle?
id: 38239
Zero Suit Samus!
id: 38240
So many Deadpools
id: 38241
Lots of other people taking photos
id: 38242
Dr. Venkman
id: 38243
Sweet pack
id: 38244
Mr. Pyson! The only person to staff Otakon all 20 years!
id: 38245
Is that a cabbage patch kid?
id: 38246
Otakon is fun?
id: 38247
A wild Scootaloo appears
id: 38248
Hey guys
id: 38249
Checking the schedule
id: 38250
"What do you think this says.."
id: 38251
"Just look at the schedule!"
id: 38252
The previous event ran long, but we still got everyone seated in time for the contest!
id: 38253
This is my view for an hour as I shout at people what group they're in
id: 38254
I'm told this is a League of Legends character but I don't care
id: 38255
Just arrived from Pandora
id: 38256
Where's this guy off to in such a hurry?
id: 38257
This is apparently the cool place to hang out
id: 38258
Ice Cold Water Man!
id: 38259
So many giant banners
id: 38260
Oh shit! A skeleton!
id: 38261
This guy is a man on a mission
id: 38262
A walking photo shoot!
id: 38263
Dark Link
id: 38264
id: 38265
Very cool Iron Man and Captain America!
id: 38266
Oh god, way too many people in the lobby outside Video 1
id: 38267
id: 38268
A very cool, and very strange, Powerpuff Girls cosplay group
id: 38269
Aww, it's OK. The room will be open again soon!
id: 38270
Holding back a sea of attendees
id: 38271
Good luck, Access Control Dude
id: 38272
"Welcome to Iron Editor Hell"
id: 38273
Half of the competitors
id: 38274
Omar speaks before the tribute to Pat Bohnet
id: 38275
Erica looks so startled. Maybe she just found out she's hosting IE
id: 38276
She's cosplaying as the girl from the intro to Battle Royale
id: 38277
A four way Iron Editor battle! Vic and Omar vowed to never do it again but forgot
id: 38278
Iron Editor is a popular event!
id: 38279
Vic's amazing Iron Editor intro
id: 38280
Shin is trying to defeind his title!
id: 38281
Pixelblended vs Pixelblended!
id: 38282
Erica looks for volunteers from the audience
id: 38283
The view from the back
id: 38284
Vic and Omar render the final videos
id: 38285
Vic and Omar at their most stressed
id: 38286
Amanda hiding behind the speakers
id: 38287
Dance, Brakus, dance!
id: 38288
Look at him go
id: 38289
"Let's go over there"
id: 38290
Shin and Kirebue
id: 38291
Kireblue wins!! Shin is dethroned
id: 38292
Congrats Kireblue!
id: 38293
This is all the crap we need to make Iron Editor happen
id: 38294
Another victim of technology
id: 38295
Just a Link cosplayer playing a trumpet in the middle of the night. Nothing unusual here
id: 38296
Omar secretly attached his cart to Mckeed's cart
id: 38297
Omar looks pretty suspicious..
id: 38298
"Who me?"
id: 38299
Throwing all the explodey discs at once!!
id: 38300
The Otakon 2013 AMV Department
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