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Pictures taken on 08/11/13

id: 38301
Cool blue hallway
id: 38302
We found Beany!
id: 38303
"What's that, Mr. Shot? You want me to drink you?"
id: 38304
Who hates orange soda?
id: 38305
Beany drew Sawboss!
id: 38306
More drawing
id: 38307
Ah here we go. Sawboss in a more Beany style
id: 38308
id: 38309
Beany and her art friend!
id: 38310
Beany's art face?
id: 38311
Nooo, Beany stole my jersey and is absorbing Amanda!
id: 38312
Beany doesn't want to be a staffer. And is apparently 80 years old
id: 38313
Dan loves photos
id: 38314
Ryoga Chris recreates the photo of him sneaking into the Anime Boston 2004 masquerade with no badge
id: 38315
Dan made me a plate of art
id: 38316
Omar showed up with a bag full of burritos!
id: 38317
A madoka crew. Don't trust the one on the right
id: 38318
Moving the AMV gear back to the truck
id: 38319
Vic somehow got Dippin Dots cause he is a jerk
id: 38320
Waiting for our hotel room to be ready
id: 38321
Nope, you can't go to sleep yet, Vic. We've still got the Dead Dog
id: 38322
Liz came to visit!
id: 38323
Omar had to move all his pub ops crap back to the room because the BCC kicked him out
id: 38324
On our way to the Dead Dog
id: 38325
The distinctive BCC roof
id: 38326
Fancy cake
id: 38327
Omar's chest hair is out of control
id: 38328
Staff Dinner!
id: 38329
But.. which one is the real Terry??
id: 38330
Good times at the Dead Dog
id: 38331
Terry thanks the Otakon staff for doing what they do
id: 38332
Oh god! The faces are back!
id: 38333
I don't know what the deal with the faces is, but I like it
id: 38334
id: 38335
What happens when you give away a pile of weird old garbage that nobody else wanted? Line around the room.
id: 38336
Nabil plays some piano!
id: 38337
Looks like he got a normal size shirt this year
id: 38338
Signing the banner out front
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