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Pictures taken on 08/23/13

id: 38515
Cut to the next morning.. time for fire!
id: 38516
Christina can't wait
id: 38517
Dustin has this under control
id: 38518
Bacon time!
id: 38519
Phil emerges from his cocoon
id: 38520
Vietnam mode
id: 38521
This is clearly the "Phil smoking" sequence
id: 38522
Dustin just wants to know when breakfast is
id: 38523
That is a really poor paper airplane
id: 38524
Phil Minkler. Man of origami
id: 38525
A wild Christina appears!
id: 38526
Megan still has signal
id: 38527
Table of crap
id: 38528
Atticus made a friend
id: 38529
id: 38530
Nice view
id: 38531
Waiting for everyone to arrive
id: 38532
Hi Christina!
id: 38533
Sarah is buddies with the owl
id: 38534
id: 38535
id: 38536
The gang arrives
id: 38537
Ready to see some animals?
id: 38538
Don't spill the Jager!
id: 38539
Sunglasses time
id: 38540
id: 38541
Megan loves foxes
id: 38542
It's a fox!
id: 38543
What the hell is that?? Let's investigate
id: 38544
Path through the woods
id: 38545
I'm not sure this was designed for adults
id: 38546
Don't listen to this pro-spider propaganda!
id: 38547
Phil is trapped!
id: 38548
Heading upstairs
id: 38549
Hi Dustin
id: 38550
id: 38551
I think Phil found a new place for his hammock
id: 38552
Steve likes giant treehouses
id: 38553
Megan just wishes there were foxes up here
id: 38554
Sarah misses her owl
id: 38555
id: 38556
Or jump, whatever
id: 38557
Watch your head
id: 38558
Sarah doesn't know about the treehouse
id: 38559
"Let's see some butterflies"
id: 38560
They're over here
id: 38561
id: 38562
Let's go to there
id: 38563
id: 38564
Walking over to the river
id: 38565
It's all moving and stuff
id: 38566
This is the cover to our new album
id: 38567
Steve, don't drink the water!
id: 38568
Phil's ready for a dunk
id: 38569
Posing for his calendar
id: 38570
id: 38571
Phil's model shot
id: 38572
And you want to be my latex salesman
id: 38573
Say cheese!
id: 38574
id: 38575
Phil takes a dip in the brain amoeba pool
id: 38576
Christina's model shot
id: 38577
Walking down the trail
id: 38578
Phil remembered we were heading to a restaurant and tried to dry off
id: 38579
id: 38580
The creepy faces on the wall weren't supposed to be part of this group photo
id: 38581
id: 38582
"Did you leave without me?"
id: 38583
Let's start a fire
id: 38584
Magazines by flashlight
id: 38585
id: 38586
Christina loves fire
id: 38587
Steve totally doesn't look like a dork
id: 38588
What's that in the woods?
id: 38589
Oh nothing. Just the tent that Phil hurled into the woods
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