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Pictures taken on 08/24/13

id: 38590
Well, we survived the night, apparently
id: 38591
id: 38592
Returning to the Deadly Deadly Falls
id: 38593
Dustin feels pretty good about it this time
id: 38594
This guy was also taking pictures!
id: 38595
Camera duel!
id: 38596
These crazy guys were jumping off the cliff that nearly killed Dustin!
id: 38597
id: 38598
Time for beer from Ithaca Beer Co!
id: 38599
Cold beer on a hot day
id: 38600
Dustin likes beer
id: 38601
So does Christine!
id: 38602
Beer tour time!
id: 38603
So many tanks
id: 38604
This thing was bubbling and making weird noise
id: 38605
Megan likes beer
id: 38606
Smelling hops
id: 38607
Tom is unsure of this photo
id: 38608
"Beer? Is that you?"
id: 38609
id: 38610
Dustin's ready to get this tour on the road
id: 38611
These look like tubes from Walter White's lab
id: 38612
Megan and Steve like beer!
id: 38613
Special beer in special casks
id: 38614
Generic photo!
id: 38615
Our knowledgeable and entertaining tourguide
id: 38616
id: 38617
I got some awesome root beer
id: 38618
Phil and I couldn't figure out how to play this game but it was fun
id: 38619
"What did you say?"
id: 38620
Steve uses his new sign as a sunshield
id: 38621
Atticus is my origami assistant
id: 38622
So this is what it's like to hang out with me
id: 38623
Steve's fancy hat
id: 38624
I finished the origami ball!
id: 38625
Let's party!! (Note the reflected light in the tree)
id: 38626
id: 38627
This is what camping is alllll about
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