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Pictures taken on 09/15/13

id: 38686
Valid medical concern for Sunday
id: 38687
Deathnote Chicken observes the cosplay photoshoot
id: 38688
Don't cross him
id: 38689
He just kept staring at Dave
id: 38690
Let's try weird Japanese games!
id: 38691
id: 38692
Taiko drum master!
id: 38693
Bang the drums
id: 38694
Amanda tries to decrypt the game
id: 38695
id: 38696
Some happy game room participants
id: 38697
So professional
id: 38698
Omar loves wrapping cables
id: 38699
This cart is the best thing ever
id: 38700
Also the server
id: 38701
Omar lets off a little steam after the weekend
id: 38702
Liz says bring on the sharks!
id: 38703
She's jumping a motorcycle over a ramp
id: 38704
Virtual reality is confusing
id: 38705
Let's play Omar's baffling board game
id: 38706
It has neat figures!
id: 38707
Such Vic. Very glasses.
id: 38708
Cons are fun!
id: 38709
Was it Liz in the Deathnote Chicken suit?
id: 38710
Vic is in charge of figuring out the confusing rules
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