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Pictures taken on 10/26/13

id: 38877
Charlie came prepared.. and then left all his stuff in the car
id: 38878
This bobblehead dog has seen better days
id: 38879
It was a litle chilly, but Charlie was feeling pretty good
id: 38880
id: 38881
Let's do this..
id: 38882
Zombies!! Ahh!
id: 38883
This is how you know it's a good event
id: 38884
And Charlie wastes no time on the waiver
id: 38885
I think Goran just noticed he's not in bed
id: 38886
Apples are best for running from zombies
id: 38887
This is where they hurled fake blood at zombie volunteers
id: 38888
This guy has a fun job
id: 38889
Even zombies are hooked on social media
id: 38890
Ack! That zombie saw me!
id: 38891
Lots of people were running
id: 38892
An important station
id: 38893
A pile of peoples' lives
id: 38894
Even the medical staff were dressed up
id: 38895
A survivor dives into the "blood bath"
id: 38896
id: 38897
This guy is about to be very cold
id: 38898
So graceful
id: 38899
An appropriate reaction to the temperature of the "blood"
id: 38900
And yet a line forms!
id: 38901
Run, survivors!
id: 38902
Somehow, where we were still counted as Brooklyn. You can still see Manhattan!
id: 38903
This is one eager zombie
id: 38904
id: 38905
Clearly these are two people who are not dead yet
id: 38906
Charlie kept giving advice about not wasting energy.. and then dancing
id: 38907
I just chose this picture cause Suz looks funny
id: 38908
Team Alive!
id: 38909
Charlie almost looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 38910
Suz too
id: 38911
Time to run
id: 38912
Hey zombies!
id: 38913
id: 38914
Charlie decided to just rob a local bank instead
id: 38915
Only 10 minutes until running time!
id: 38916
All hail the gas heat lamp thing
id: 38917
So many people. How many will survive?
id: 38918
You fools! You're wasting precious energy!
id: 38919
GoPro man came prepared
id: 38920
Even bananas have to pee
id: 38921
Good luck, enthusiastic strangers!
id: 38922
These two were in high spirits. Though I don't think they skipped through the whole thing
id: 38923
Go banana! Also, look out for that monkey man with a GoPro!
id: 38924
I missed them start.. but there goes the gang!
id: 38925
This was a very proactive zombie
id: 38926
Two survivors try to figure out how to get past the fast zombies
id: 38927
She's gonna get you!
id: 38928
Get him! Ahhhh!!
id: 38929
Crawling out of the smoke house
id: 38930
I don't get it, but ok
id: 38931
This guy kept making faces at me
id: 38932
Another one bites the dust
id: 38933
Clearly dressed for survival
id: 38934
The guy in the yellow kept warning the other zombies that survivors were coming by moaning "braiinns"
id: 38935
Run for your life!
id: 38936
Not all the injuries were fake, but luckily none were too serious
id: 38937
Zombies out in the open!
id: 38938
Even zombies get tired
id: 38939
Survivors incoming!
id: 38940
Back stretching?
id: 38941
Run, Zombie Bait, run!
id: 38942
This sneaky zombie kept hiding behind trash barrels
id: 38943
Run away!
id: 38944
Hey sneaky zombie!
id: 38945
Hey there they are! They're all dead but Goran!
id: 38946
Oh, now Goran's dead too. Bummer!
id: 38947
Stop pointing at me!
id: 38948
These lazy bums didn't even crawl out of the smoke house
id: 38949
Oh god, Charlie's shirt is off
id: 38950
Let's just climb up here...
id: 38951
id: 38952
Charlie and CJ jump for their lives
id: 38953
Plunging into the blood!
id: 38954
Charlie may regret his decision
id: 38955
Nah, it was awesome. CJ isn't a fan though
id: 38956
Suz and Goran are up next!
id: 38957
Bad ideaaaaaa
id: 38958
id: 38959
Charlie was lovingi t
id: 38960
Suz was cold
id: 38961
id: 38962
There was a steady stream of jumpers into the blood
id: 38963
Since they're already dead, they didn't have to hurry too much in the final zombie field
id: 38964
Which was good cause they were busy being cold
id: 38965
The end is in sight!
id: 38966
Crawl, Charlie!
id: 38967
You're almost there!
id: 38968
Oh no, he died
id: 38969
Goran does some kind of bizarre spider walk
id: 38970
Suz, you're almost there!
id: 38971
Well, not really, you died like half an hour ago
id: 38972
CJ too!
id: 38973
You survived!
id: 38974
Actually you all died, but you survived dying!
id: 38975
Warm clothes are the best
id: 38976
And they all got medals!
id: 38977
And crappy beer!
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