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Pictures taken on 11/02/13

id: 39038
Tony printed a dragon capsule for me!
id: 39039
Also the Great and Powerful Trixie!
id: 39040
Tony loves mornings
id: 39041
Hitting the diner
id: 39042
The lens flares find Vic
id: 39043
Cash only, folks!
id: 39044
Walking back to Tony and Shayna's
id: 39045
It was weird seeing Vic and Amanda on the Clark campus
id: 39046
Visiting my old stomping grounds. The hallway to the Math/CS building!
id: 39047
Ah yes, that's the crazy math nonsense I remember
id: 39048
Hey, my poster is still up! See? I used to sort of know what I was talking about!
id: 39049
I found this in a classroom. It says "It's not as bad as I thought but I think I'm still gonna fail"
id: 39050
This hallway was my life for a few years. The main hallway of the Math/CS department
id: 39051
The green! Where is Shaheen??
id: 39052
This is like a joke that got out of hand! It used to be a "Kumon" reading school and someone made it a "Ya Mon" Jamaican restaurant!!
id: 39053
That's Entertainment!
id: 39054
I finally got a dragonball of my own
id: 39055
I also bought a new figure of the Alien Queen! A prized possesion as a kid, lost to the winds of time
id: 39056
The back of the Queen box
id: 39057
This place was the worst place
id: 39058
id: 39059
Oh no! Bryce is being eaten by a shark!
id: 39060
He's not actually a guy being eaten by a shark, he just plays one at parties
id: 39061
Just look how happy Amanda is with her Cheshire Cat costume
id: 39062
Taking the award for obscure costumes is Vic as the male version of the Salty Bet mascot
id: 39063
You can make it, Bryce!
id: 39064
Tony in the first of his several costumes
id: 39065
Brett as Tim Tebow
id: 39066
Say hello to Appa in his bee costume
id: 39067
Liz is the Joker!
id: 39068
Steph should be hanging out with Kratos
id: 39069
Alcoholic syringes! For injecting into your mouth, not your veins
id: 39070
id: 39071
Everyone taking a hit from the jello shot syringes
id: 39072
Tony in Costume #2 as "Shitty Bane"
id: 39073
Singing at Vic
id: 39074
Paul Bunyan!
id: 39075
Vic and I busted out some Salty Bet
id: 39076
Director Brett explains what he wants VIc to do in this next shot
id: 39077
Aaaaand action.
id: 39078
"You see this??"
id: 39079
"I'm not really a guy being eaten by a shark.." yes yes, Bryce
id: 39080
Steph moves in for her closeup
id: 39081
Director Brett keeps up his antics
id: 39082
"Like this"
id: 39083
The height of madness
id: 39084
Shayna wants you for the US.. Bird.. Lawyer.. Army?
id: 39085
Oh no! The Joker attacks!
id: 39086
Director Brett explains how this shot should go
id: 39087
Oh god, look out
id: 39088
"No, not me!!"
id: 39089
id: 39090
This costume has gone awry
id: 39091
The shot isn't working out as expected but it's pretty funny
id: 39092
id: 39093
Costume #3
id: 39094
The Joker discreetly enters with a stick of dynamite
id: 39095
This photo really sums up Rippowen in my mind
id: 39096
Shayna wins!
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