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Pictures taken on 12/27/13

id: 39155
What the hell is this
id: 39156
How ominous
id: 39157
What could it be?
id: 39158
It's Vic's magic internet money machine. Mining for cryptocurrency!
id: 39159
Vic opens a present
id: 39160
What is Alan talking about
id: 39161
"Where's my drink"
id: 39162
It's a new figure!
id: 39163
Bryce inspects his gift to VIc
id: 39164
Looking good with her buddy Kyubey
id: 39165
Omar and Liz got me an amazing Jeb Kerman figure!
id: 39166
Albert meets his destiny
id: 39167
Cutting open the box to retrieve the mythical secret card
id: 39168
Is it real?
id: 39169
It IS real!!
id: 39170
Of course.
id: 39171
Liz catchse up on her iPad
id: 39172
Paying tribute to Omar's amazing 2012 cosplay
id: 39173
Vic is tall
id: 39174
Next year's label?
id: 39175
No maybe this
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