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Pictures taken on 12/28/13

id: 39176
Who's winning Cards Against Humanity now?
id: 39177
Everyone in the van
id: 39178
Is everyone in there?
id: 39179
Oh I guess some people are in the car too
id: 39180
id: 39181
Why don't we ever call ahead
id: 39182
Liz and Erika are unimpressed by IHOP's tree
id: 39183
Waiting around in the lobby
id: 39184
Time for pancakes
id: 39185
Hiding all the stupid ads
id: 39186
Time for magic colorful candles
id: 39187
So much food
id: 39188
Vic and Amanda know how to prepare for a party
id: 39189
What's wrong, Joanna?
id: 39190
This year Amanda made me a cheesecake to go with Vic's chocolate cake!
id: 39191
We made quite an order to the local cheesestaek place
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