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Pictures taken on 03/28/14

id: 39432
Kailey's ready to party
id: 39433
Hey that's us!
id: 39434
They wouldn't let us have a number in our stock ticker, so it's TWOU
id: 39435
My desk is covered in toys as always
id: 39436
Everyone getting breakfast and mimosas
id: 39437
Let's make sure the website won't crash
id: 39438
Artie's excited
id: 39439
Taking pictures of the TV
id: 39440
Kailey is ready to rock with the giant sound bar
id: 39441
Almost time!
id: 39442
Everyone got a goody bag with a bunch of stuff in it
id: 39443
Everyone gathers around the TV
id: 39444
Is Charles working??
id: 39445
Hey, coffee's not allowed, get a mimosa
id: 39446
Hey that's Chip!
id: 39447
Are we public?
id: 39448
I think we're public!
id: 39449
We are!
id: 39450
I love Artie's fake laptop interface
id: 39451
Hey it's Chip in real life
id: 39452
Chip was pretty excited too
id: 39453
Time for dangerous flying objects!
id: 39454
This guy nearly wiped someone out but did manage to go up and over the ceiling pipes
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