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Pictures taken on 05/04/14

id: 39740
Michael is having a great time
id: 39741
And for the first time in I don't even know how long.. my battery ran out! The sign of a great party. Last photo!
id: 39742
Phil has seen better mornings
id: 39743
Better rehydrate
id: 39744
Steve is pretty excited about Dustin's gift
id: 39745
It's Steve and Megan as Simpsons characters!
id: 39746
Everyone was a little subdued after the partying last night
id: 39747
Tom doesn't have time for chairs
id: 39748
Yay brunch
id: 39749
Megan brings out some of the cupcakes from the previous night
id: 39750
Megan is having a good weekend
id: 39751
Bye you two! Have fun in France!
id: 39752
I took this picture because I thought this may have been the airstrip John and I flew out of in his Cessna.. but it's not!
id: 39753
So long, Buffalo!
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