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Pictures taken on 05/10/14

id: 39764
Goran is pretty excited
id: 39765
Josh is pretty excited.. for some ice cream
id: 39766
Why do you keep making this face??
id: 39767
Josh judges his ice cream
id: 39768
Way too many Waluigis at the Nintendo store
id: 39769
Goran tries not to think about how many gross little kids have touched Pikachu's head
id: 39770
Josh and Pikachu are best buddies
id: 39771
Just seeing Olimar makes me mad because Bryce always kicks my ass with him in Smash Brothers
id: 39772
Checking out the Nintendo museum
id: 39773
"Why doesn't it open on his mouth instead of his head??"
id: 39774
Well at least it matches your shirt
id: 39775
Behold the extreme fun that is the Wii U
id: 39776
Goran checks to make sure his new 3DS is good
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