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Pictures taken on 05/11/14

id: 39777
I'm up way too early so I can attend the F1 meetup for the Spanish Grand Prix!
id: 39778
Goran overslept but that's fine beacuse he would've been bored anyway
id: 39779
Mystery sandal?
id: 39780
We tried to get into a magic shop and found this creepy machine
id: 39781
And also found the doors locked
id: 39782
Cool skybridge
id: 39783
NYPD Castle?
id: 39784
I think these sidewalk barriers are neat
id: 39785
Hey I know that building!
id: 39786
Metal Gear??
id: 39787
The Flatiron Building snuck up on me
id: 39788
Whoa! You are too tall!
id: 39789
Stopping for some Pinkberry near the infamous Kenka
id: 39790
So many games!!
id: 39791
Bye Goran!
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