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Pictures taken on 05/24/14

id: 39859
Beany strikes a pose
id: 39860
Suz is overwhelmed by the number of food stands
id: 39861
You can tell when Suz has noticed the camera..
id: 39862
Let's find some food!
id: 39863
Don't worry Beany, we'll find a food stand that doesn't have a huge line
id: 39864
Cool reflections on 1 WTC today
id: 39865
Some sort of.. milk.. drink thing?
id: 39866
This raises some questions..
id: 39867
id: 39868
Goran seems unsure of whatever the hell it is that he's eating
id: 39869
Beany's glasses are so reflective!
id: 39870
I think Suz is jealous of Beany's lemonade
id: 39871
Goran with some sort of cheese stack
id: 39872
Giant pancake?
id: 39873
Giant CONICAL pancake!
id: 39874
Mmm, corn
id: 39875
Beany loves New York
id: 39876
Is Goran critiqueing her pose?
id: 39877
Beany seems unsure of taking the ferry
id: 39878
I should start captioning these with Suz's full name and email so future employers find these photos
id: 39879
Is it truly a day of goofy photos
id: 39880
Suz hates Starbucks
id: 39881
This is Goran's first ever Twinkie
id: 39882
Beany seems apprehensive
id: 39883
Seems alright..
id: 39884
Goran!! That is not how you eat a Twinkie!
id: 39885
"Don't tell me how to eat a Twinkie"
id: 39886
Neat building
id: 39887
Closeup of Beany's cool hat
id: 39888
Getting sickeningly sweet food at the world's largest candy shop
id: 39889
What should we get??
id: 39890
Beany's response to my constant photo taking
id: 39891
Let's all poke Suz!!
id: 39892
Behold.. "fun-due"
id: 39893
It's so fun
id: 39894
I didn't even want to dip the rice krispie treats. I just ate them off a stick
id: 39895
Time to buy some candy
id: 39896
Gross fake-food candy
id: 39897
Candy bars!
id: 39898
So much candy! And this is just one floor!
id: 39899
Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sony apparently made candy-filled Move cnotrollers
id: 39900
"No pictures!"
id: 39901
As if mannequins weren't creepy enough already..
id: 39902
What to buy..
id: 39903
Beany's down with Jesus
id: 39904
id: 39905
Buying candy is fun
id: 39906
I think Goran is ready to leave
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