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Pictures taken on 05/25/14

id: 39907
Next day, after Spoons, Toons & Booze!
id: 39908
Pugs, not Drugs. Also beer, but that doesn't rhyme
id: 39909
Suz likes to buy drinks with lots of accessories
id: 39910
What's this face for?
id: 39911
"Do you like my pigtails?"
id: 39912
Beany draws ponies on my phone
id: 39913
Hey look, the rare photo of me
id: 39914
"Oh beer, you're so dreamy"
id: 39915
Kiss attack?
id: 39916
Beany's got the rainbow on her!
id: 39917
Ahh! I really have the rainbow on me!
id: 39918
Beany gets to play with CJ's braindead cat Maka
id: 39919
Let's all pet her!
id: 39920
OK, Maka's not braindead, but she is pretty goofy
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