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Pictures taken on 08/08/14

id: 40604
Friday morning! The con is getting started! Sucks to be trapped in the reg line
id: 40605
Registration worked hard but made some poor system architecture decisions that hamstrung them for the entire weekend, leading to excruciatingly long lines
id: 40606
Spyro the Dragon!
id: 40607
Whoa, impressive Blastoise
id: 40608
Hexadecimal! Rare to see a cosplay from ReBoot
id: 40609
I don't know this character but given the 3d gear I assume they're from Attack on Titan
id: 40610
Whoops, the elevator photobombed this shot of me and dave
id: 40611
The registration line is really getting insane now
id: 40612
This poor gofer
id: 40613
Cosplayers from Brave!
id: 40614
id: 40615
This is one of my favorite cosplays in years. Very clever!
id: 40616
I'm pretty sure I saw that guy on the right last year. Still great costumes!
id: 40617
This really made me laugh
id: 40618
Amazing (and terrifying) Songbird cosplay!
id: 40619
A whole gaggle of Attack on Titan folks!
id: 40620
This guy... has an amazing costume. Well done! Note the DLC in the red circle
id: 40621
Princess Peach. A classic!
id: 40622
This Optimus Prime cosplay looked complicated
id: 40623
This poor Asuna cosplayer spent two minutes struggling to get her breastplate to stay on before giving up and posing for the shot. Still a great costume!
id: 40624
Bob's Burgers!
id: 40625
This uh.. looks optimal.
id: 40626
This Little Sister was scary
id: 40627
These two have a piece of the living breathing mountain the Agro Crag!! D-d-d-do you have it? GUTS!
id: 40628
Ahh, I miss Chef
id: 40629
This Ravio cosplayer was especially awesome since I beat A Link Between Worlds only a few days before arriving at Otakon
id: 40630
Don't touch his rupee bag
id: 40631
So many Zeldas! And a Hilda!
id: 40632
Chii! Old school
id: 40633
Very cool Commander Shepard. That costume looks like it took a while..
id: 40634
Pirates of Chesapeake Bay?
id: 40635
*GASP!* Doodlebob!
id: 40636
Ahhh, my favorite. The view from the back of Video 1 during the AMV Contest. Beautiful
id: 40637
People wandering around outside Video 1
id: 40638
Wow! A cosplayer from On Your Mark! I'm not sure I've ever seen one before. On You Mark is a somewhat obscure short music video animated by Studio Ghibli.
id: 40639
Smash! Who's in the box?
id: 40640
Lego guy!
id: 40641
Nerds of a different sort!
id: 40642
Topaz took a few photos of me during my space panel
id: 40643
I like the preview monitors in this shot
id: 40644
I got a much bigger audience than I expected
id: 40645
I didn't really have time to be nervous because I was busy all day and just launched right into it
id: 40646
Here I'm talking about the various stages of the Saturn V rocket
id: 40647
The talk was a lot of fun and a guy from NASA came up after to tell me I did a good job! Very cool!
id: 40648
Brian introduces the premiere of AMV Hell 7
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