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Pictures taken on 08/09/14

id: 40649
On our way downstairs for the Saturday AMV Contest
id: 40650
Saturday.. getting pretty tired
id: 40651
Maybe not Dave
id: 40652
After a brief nap on Saturday night I head back out for a little more fun in my snazzy new hoodie
id: 40653
Cosplayers don't sleep
id: 40654
Topaz got stuck on "door ops" for hours. Keeping the lines in.. line.
id: 40655
This sign was outside our room for much of the weekend. Which is awesome but also unfortunate for the attendees.
id: 40656
The room got pretttty packed
id: 40657
We shared our usual AMV Ops room with some other department this year
id: 40658
Erika's awesome Ezio cosplay!
id: 40659
Very impressive
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