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Pictures taken on 08/10/14

id: 40660
What kind of videos do we play at 1am in the AMV Theater? ..don't worry about it
id: 40661
OK. We're officially tired now. Photo timestamp: 2:22am
id: 40662
This guy spent much of the weekend working on an enormous chalk version of the program guide cover
id: 40663
Josh came to help his friends in the Dealer's Room!
id: 40664
So did Goran!
id: 40665
Neat Twilight Sparkle cosplay
id: 40666
Great costumes, and a solid party in the game!
id: 40667
I'm not sure.. what this is all about
id: 40668
Heading outside for the first time in a while
id: 40669
Ice Cold Water Man! I'm not actually hoverhanding him, my arm is going across his sweaty sweaty shoulder
id: 40670
Conrad, the guy from NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center!! He threw up the peace sign first so I did and then he put it down before the photo!
id: 40671
Tearing down the screen in Video 1
id: 40672
It's a big screen
id: 40673
This is the camera that Vic barely got to use this weekend
id: 40674
Goodbye attendees! See you next year!
id: 40675
We took a time lapse of AMV Theater teardown and when we were done we slowly approached the camera..
id: 40676
Amanda really classed up this photo
id: 40677
The Otakon AMV Department, folks
id: 40678
Be afraid
id: 40679
Be very afraid
id: 40680
Let's go to the Dead Dog
id: 40681
Apparently goofy face time is not over
id: 40682
Just look at Vic!
id: 40683
This photo is already hilarious... and then you see Amanda's face
id: 40684
I jumped too.. by myself :(
id: 40685
This year they rounded up a bunch of food trucks and gave us a few vouchers. Not a bad idea!
id: 40686
Which food truck to pillage..
id: 40687
Finally getting a meal ticket out of Otakon. The aspect ratio on the fan logo made Omar twitch
id: 40688
It's time for stories of conventions past
id: 40689
Crabbie! Or Harold! Whatever!
id: 40690
Story time with Alan
id: 40691
Everybody sign the awesome banner art!
id: 40692
Dave demonstrates his revolving door technique from Anime Boston 2005
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