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Pictures taken on 08/11/14

id: 40693
The last breakfast?
id: 40694
This place was great. They made me sandwiches in a bowl
id: 40695
Aaaand the van's battery is dead
id: 40696
Luckily Omar had jumper cables
id: 40697
It took us a while to figure out how to do it...
id: 40698
Bye Omar!
id: 40699
Amanda got me a very cool yellow Tachikoma in this year's $20 game
id: 40700
Showing off my awesome new Otakon hoodie
id: 40701
Check out that artwork!
id: 40702
Space wings!
id: 40703
Topaz tries to figure out my giant phone
id: 40704
I love the art on my Otakon long sleeved tee
id: 40705
Topaz didn't like the long sleeves
id: 40706
Bye Topaz!
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