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Pictures taken on 08/17/14

id: 40864
I guess that's it then, huh?
id: 40865
Bye Phil and Matt!
id: 40866
Taking down the tent
id: 40867
Dustin emerges from his tent of luxury
id: 40868
The traditional tea sacrifice
id: 40869
It's so empty!
id: 40870
But now we have diner food
id: 40871
That is an absurd slab of sausage
id: 40872
I miss pancakes
id: 40873
Steve doesn't understand glass
id: 40874
Bye Buffalo people!
id: 40875
What a helpful map
id: 40876
The George Washington bridge!
id: 40877
Back in New York.
id: 40878
Ugh. Welcome back to NYC. *pollution belch*
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