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Pictures taken on 11/09/14

id: 41325
Ahh!! Shayna!
id: 41326
The confessional station
id: 41327
Some sort of fortune telling was happening in the living room.. but I didn't get a picture of the cards
id: 41328
Brett plays a dangerous game..
id: 41329
..and loses
id: 41330
Hey, where did Tony's mustache go?
id: 41331
Who scratched Steph?
id: 41332
Bryce concentrates on Magic
id: 41333
Mmm.. land is good
id: 41334
Goodnight from the Star Wars contingent
id: 41335
Steph tries to figure out her next move
id: 41336
Meg too
id: 41337
Bryce tricked us all into not killing him early and got us in the end
id: 41338
Brett isn't happy that I'm documenting his slobbishness
id: 41339
Steph isn't impressed with Brett's Magic advice
id: 41340
He knows what he's talking about, Steph!
id: 41341
She lost anyway..
id: 41342
But that's OK!
id: 41343
Because Magic is fun!
id: 41344
Having a fun night?
id: 41345
Hey it's that guy I am!
id: 41346
Bryce wins again
id: 41347
"Howww did I lose?"
id: 41348
"Cause ya stink"
id: 41349
Tony wonders what all these people are doing in his basement
id: 41350
"Magic, you say.."
id: 41351
Parties are fun
id: 41352
Oh god. I can tell I drank too much when I start finding photos of myself
id: 41353
Leaves are pretty
id: 41354
Going back to New York!
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