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Pictures taken on 11/28/14

id: 41477
Who could that be behind the hand? Surely not a camera-shy Dan!
id: 41478
Beany is so ready to do this
id: 41479
id: 41480
What's up with your face, Cinnamon?
id: 41481
Cinnamon is in a Beany/Suz sandwich
id: 41482
Escape to her tower
id: 41483
I wasn't allowed to bother her there
id: 41484
HA! Got him!
id: 41485
Suz is a slumper
id: 41486
Beany is the master of weird faces
id: 41487
Suz is.. some sort of.. couch.. hair monster.
id: 41488
Let's go to the store!
id: 41489
Yay! Stores are fun
id: 41490
id: 41491
Oh boy
id: 41492
Take your time, Beany. Let's do it right
id: 41493
id: 41494
Suz is super cool, you guys
id: 41495
For some reason I imagine this photo being taken right before these two attempt to rob a bank
id: 41496
How's life on the other side of the street?
id: 41497
id: 41498
Hammerhead Suz
id: 41499
Oh jeez. I guess we're doing this
id: 41500
"Are you ready??"
id: 41501
Suz has a really weird tongue
id: 41502
id: 41503
Dr. Beany!
id: 41504
Last chance to back out..
id: 41505
The bleach!
id: 41506
Dr. Beany reads the instructions to be sure
id: 41507
Suz inspects the candy by eating it
id: 41508
Now that is a look of confidence
id: 41509
"Give me your cameraaaa"
id: 41510
Why is the bleach blue?
id: 41511
The point of no return
id: 41512
Ohhhh god
id: 41513
Bleach everywhere
id: 41514
Meanwhile, Cinnamon is confounded by her water fountain
id: 41515
My head feels like burning
id: 41516
Now we wait for it to bleach the color out
id: 41517
Rinse rinse rinse
id: 41518
id: 41519
Super blond
id: 41520
This photo.. I don't even know
id: 41521
I look like a bond villain or something!
id: 41522
Let's bust out the blue
id: 41523
Mix mix mix
id: 41524
Last time being blond
id: 41525
And in goes the blue
id: 41526
"How does it look?"
id: 41527
id: 41528
Dr. Beany does her work
id: 41529
The spikes are probably very important
id: 41530
Suz is trying to learn how to play the ukelele
id: 41531
Dry dry dry
id: 41532
Is it dry yet?
id: 41533
All done! Thanks Beany!
id: 41534
I think it came out pretty good!
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