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Pictures taken on 12/27/14

id: 41733
Isabelle, should you be on the table?
id: 41734
Or the couch?
id: 41735
Macaroni can't get any peace
id: 41736
Neither can Mom
id: 41737
"What have you brought me?"
id: 41738
Isabelle has a tiny head compared to the rest of her body
id: 41739
Isabelle has a new habit of sitting right next to Mom and getting annoyed if there isn't any space
id: 41740
So creepy..
id: 41741
Let's go shopping!
id: 41742
id: 41743
Creepy "street photography" of strangers!
id: 41744
Can you blame me? The 70D has a much quieter shutter and I wanted to play with it!
id: 41745
L. Ron Hubbard wrote these??
id: 41746
Let's get some domestic rugs!
id: 41747
Or mothballs. Whatever.
id: 41748
The confessionals from Rippoween were pretty great
id: 41749
Tony has an electronic PIPE. That's pretty ridciulous
id: 41750
We found a Suz!
id: 41751
I think she's just glad to be out of the cold
id: 41752
Things are funny
id: 41753
Suz attempts to make her head explode
id: 41754
Tony gets what you're saying
id: 41755
Hey, hands to yourself
id: 41756
I found some of Tony's bills stuck to the wall
id: 41757
I like to imagine Tony smokes his e-pipe while using his typewriter
id: 41758
Hi Shayna!
id: 41759
What's going on in this room?
id: 41760
Shayna seems unsure of the dumb games we're playing
id: 41761
What is Tony explaining?
id: 41762
Suz does her Ricciardo impression
id: 41763
Time for some Settlers.. in person!
id: 41764
Suz made a mansion.. or.. house pile
id: 41765
id: 41766
Oh man, pizza
id: 41767
Let's consult the rules
id: 41768
We had to call Charlie for an explanation of the rules
id: 41769
That goddamn bandit
id: 41770
Suz's hair has escaped
id: 41771
You can't tell Tony what to do
id: 41772
Shayna cleverly sat next to me, making it harder for me to take her picture
id: 41773
The moment I signed up for Snapchat. I don't get it.
id: 41774
I can always tell when I had too much to drink when I find a bunch of photos of whatever I was drinking
id: 41775
Moving on.. Cards Against Humanity!
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