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Pictures taken on 12/28/14

id: 41776
Mmm, bacon
id: 41777
And eggs!
id: 41778
id: 41779
"Why would you take a photo of me right now"
id: 41780
Mmmm, espresso
id: 41781
Whoa. Tony is intensity
id: 41782
This dog is not
id: 41783
Who wants to go for a ride?
id: 41784
I somehow never noticed that That's Entertainment is on Lois Lane
id: 41785
Ahh, here we are
id: 41786
Whoa. So many figures, so few faces
id: 41787
id: 41788
So many comics!
id: 41789
And also T-shirts!
id: 41790
I don't really read comics, but I can appreciate how awesome this collection must be
id: 41791
Tony poking around
id: 41792
Whoa. Hi Suz
id: 41793
Neat hats
id: 41794
Mmm, N64 games
id: 41795
Suz checks out the board games
id: 41796
Meanwhile, Tony looks through the books
id: 41797
You know, I'm not totally sure I've ever actually bought a comic from this place. Maybe Watchmen?
id: 41798
Hi there!
id: 41799
Now I want the bucket
id: 41800
This guy was looking through old sports stuff
id: 41801
So much stuff
id: 41802
What do you think, Suz?
id: 41803
I know, I know. I've taken this shot before. But it's a cool view.
id: 41804
There's just so many books!
id: 41805
And records, even
id: 41806
Don't tell me how to live!
id: 41807
id: 41808
NES carts
id: 41809
Whoa! Hi Gollum..
id: 41810
Suz found her twin
id: 41811
Tony calls Shayna to inform her he found a cool poker table
id: 41812
Hey.. that's not an eye..
id: 41813
Tony got the table!
id: 41814
That'll fit, right?
id: 41815
id: 41816
Hi Gragra!
id: 41817
You can't hide from me
id: 41818
Mom loves when I take her photo
id: 41819
Posing together!
id: 41820
Mom helps keep Gragra's head warm
id: 41821
Some nice shots!
id: 41822
I explain to Gragra how to operate the camera
id: 41823
Gragra-vision! I love the feet!!
id: 41824
Demonstrating the remote-shoot capability with the EOS Remote app on my phone
id: 41825
Gragra was impressed
id: 41826
Say cheese!
id: 41827
id: 41828
Toolin' around with her walker
id: 41829
I think Gragra is ready for lunch
id: 41830
Talking over recent events
id: 41831
A nice slice of life photo
id: 41832
id: 41833
Hi Dad
id: 41834
How do cameras work?
id: 41835
Peace, man
id: 41836
Showing Dad the EOS Remote app
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