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Pictures taken on 12/30/14

id: 41842
Neil wonders why I keep coming home for like 8 hours before leaving again
id: 41843
Bryce's celeb look
id: 41844
Hi Sue!
id: 41845
Little Bear!
id: 41846
Bryce with his snazzy new laptop
id: 41847
Little Bear feels bad about.. something
id: 41848
Little Bear is a little stronger than Neil or Buzz
id: 41849
Let's play some 3DS!
id: 41850
What's up on the internet, Bryce?
id: 41851
Poor Little Bear has to wear the funny cone
id: 41852
Also this collar
id: 41853
You're free!
id: 41854
What's up, Little Bear?
id: 41855
Dogs are funny
id: 41856
So much One Piece!
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