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Pictures taken on 12/31/14

id: 41857
The cone of being bummed out
id: 41858
She just kept staring at Bryce
id: 41859
I'm sorry Little Bear, it's pretty funny
id: 41860
Inspecting the ol' Pokemon
id: 41861
Oh god, Trixie. What have they done to you?
id: 41862
Driving in style
id: 41863
An actual Mario Kart!
id: 41864
Bryce is out for blood... and video games
id: 41865
I'm using tilt controls!
id: 41866
It's cool seeing a modern store that carries this kind of stuff
id: 41867
This place looks a little too sterile. Needs a little more That's Entertainment in it
id: 41868
Neat little game museum
id: 41869
This statue is creepy as hell. Also, how depressing is it that this sign is necessary
id: 41870
Who is this sketchy figure? What's he doing? Flying secret drones over classified areas?
id: 41871
Nope. It's just Bryce flying my new quadcopter into a tree
id: 41872
Time to get the UAVED, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Extraction Device. Aka broom.
id: 41873
Got it!
id: 41874
You win this round, quadcopter
id: 41875
Hi Vic!
id: 41876
I like to think Vic always carries a roll of HDMI cable with him just in case
id: 41877
Mount Your Friends remains a hilarious game
id: 41878
Hi Amanda!
id: 41879
Mmm, soft pretzels are awesome, especially when I'm on a keto-break
id: 41880
Vic loves carbs
id: 41881
Bryce making burgers! Sadly not his typical spherical style
id: 41882
Bryce is a master cook
id: 41883
Vic tries to console Little Bear, who is back in the cone of infinite bummerdom
id: 41884
I'm trying to get more comfortable with black and white photos as just another tool in the box. It can change the look of a photo a lot and also help save a shot with weird color or noise issues, like this one
id: 41885
id: 41886
What's with that face, Amanda?
id: 41887
"You taking a picture of my face?"
id: 41888
Toast yo buns
id: 41889
id: 41890
"Why do you keep taking our pictures?"
id: 41891
"One burger, please"
id: 41892
Pictures of pictures!
id: 41893
Not a bad looking burger!
id: 41894
This is Amanda's "applying mustard" face
id: 41895
Amanda thinks things are funny
id: 41896
I got Amanda a change-eating robot panda
id: 41897
I think she likes it
id: 41898
I got Vic more photography gear.. but you can't really see it here
id: 41899
Bryce got Vic a Madoka pillow
id: 41900
Pretty spiffy!
id: 41901
Amanda adds to her ever-growing pony collection
id: 41902
Vic got Bryce some Gears figures
id: 41903
And now the moment you've been waiting for
id: 41904
Let's get this started
id: 41905
Mother F'ing Tornado Rex. The one and only
id: 41906
This is a dangerous trail
id: 41907
What could come next?
id: 41908
Ahhh!! Tornado Rex is loose!
id: 41909
Little Bear isn't sure what's up with all that whistling
id: 41910
Relax, Amanda. Tornado Rex can't hurt you
id: 41911
Staring down the barrel..
id: 41912
Another tragic victim
id: 41913
Games are fun
id: 41914
Pinkie Pie likes Vic
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