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Pictures taken on 01/02/15

id: 41929
This terminal had a bunch of iPads for everyone to use. Very convenient!
id: 41930
This is not my airplane
id: 41931
You know, as far as terminals go, this one isn't bad
id: 41932
Is it time to board yet?
id: 41933
We had to take a shuttle bus to our plane
id: 41934
Shuttle busssss
id: 41935
This guy was really concerned about if this was our plane or not. Why would they bring us here if it wasn't?
id: 41936
Get onboard!
id: 41937
I guess these block wind?
id: 41938
A miracle of modern engineering.. or just a little shuttle plane
id: 41939
The seats look OK
id: 41940
And away we go
id: 41941
Welcome to colorful Rochester
id: 41942
Hi Brian, thanks for the airport pickup
id: 41943
Topaz tries to understand the nature of the large device in my hand that has some sort of optical element on the front of it
id: 41944
The man of the hour! Ben is pretty relaxed for someone who's getting married tomorrow
id: 41945
This side of the table is where they keep the Erics
id: 41946
Tea is pretty good
id: 41947
I think he figured out what the object with some sort of optical element on it is for
id: 41948
What is Ben going to eat?
id: 41949
Topaz enjoys a chunk of gluten
id: 41950
Ben's pretty good about ignoring the giant camera in his face
id: 41951
Brian seems unsure of.. something
id: 41952
That's right.. just sip your tea.. *clickclickclickclick*
id: 41953
Ohio Eric! We call him that because he's from Nebraska
id: 41954
Strange marshmallow-esque bread puff things
id: 41955
"Pretty good, eh?"
id: 41956
Oh hi there
id: 41957
Single Ben! Well.. engaged Ben. But not for long!
id: 41958
Joel seems confused by the planning for the rest of the afternoon
id: 41959
Topaz is excited. But he's usually indiscriminately excited
id: 41960
Look who we found at the gas station!
id: 41961
As someone who lives in New York, the concept of an empty room completely blows my mind
id: 41962
Whoa, what an unusually small cow. Meet Axl!
id: 41963
"See the thing about cats.."
id: 41964
And who is this creature?
id: 41965
That's right, it's Cleo!
id: 41966
Cleo was a little more friendly but tough to take a picture of cause she kept moving
id: 41967
What's up with your nose, Cleo?
id: 41968
She doesn't know
id: 41969
Cats are fun
id: 41970
Topaz could use this for his official Synacor photo
id: 41971
Cleo loves pencils! Specifically pencils, not pens. She's a very discerning cat.
id: 41972
The streets of Rochester are a little different from the streets of Queens
id: 41973
Good lord, who made this terrifying Santa??
id: 41974
id: 41975
Whoa. Not only does Ohio Eric also have a 70D, he even has a battery grip!
id: 41976
A camera duel of equals! But wait.. he's got the 50mm f/1.4 on there and I only have a f/1.8! Damn!!
id: 41977
Topaz is our drug dealer.
id: 41978
Joel talks to Dani's grandmother Neena
id: 41979
Topaz is excited to finally have joined the modern era of smartphones. Bummer about the keyboard but what can you do
id: 41980
Dani's here!
id: 41981
Suzi is caffeinated up and ready to go
id: 41982
They were both pretty relaxed
id: 41983
The Erics just like to be as close to the alcohol as possible
id: 41984
My fellow passage-readers
id: 41985
Insert tall-Joel joke here
id: 41986
Hey guys, Ben has something to say
id: 41987
Inspecting the ring
id: 41988
This is the face Topaz's face makes when he's unable to think about Perl for a moment
id: 41989
id: 41990
"This is where we'll put the disco ball"
id: 41991
Lots of people involved in a wedding
id: 41992
id: 41993
id: 41994
id: 41995
id: 41996
La la la
id: 41997
Floating down the aisle
id: 41998
This wedding brought to you by the Ministry of Silly Walks
id: 41999
This Dani brought to you by Kenny
id: 42000
id: 42001
Officiant Denise explains how this works
id: 42002
Dani pays close attention
id: 42003
Suzi performs the dance of her people
id: 42004
You guys, Joel is REALLY tall
id: 42005
Creepy Santa knows what you've been up to
id: 42006
Kimmy seems concerned
id: 42007
Kate does not
id: 42008
Time to check into the hotel?
id: 42009
Hotel check-in is fun, apparently
id: 42010
Teo and Phrobyn. Or is it Timothy and Robyn?
id: 42011
Ben thanks everyone for being there. Thanks Ben!
id: 42012
Topaz tried his hand at Hitman: GO.
id: 42013
Dani checks in on the other table
id: 42014
So attentive!
id: 42015
Teo samples the beer
id: 42016
Phrobyn was camera shy.. which of course just makes me determined to get a good shot. Sorry!
id: 42017
Uhoh. I have lost control of the camera
id: 42018
Hi Topaz
id: 42019
Ahh, the benefits of not being keto
id: 42020
Brian likes stories
id: 42021
What's going on over here?
id: 42022
Dani makes the rounds
id: 42023
Beth, Ben's mom, was having a good time
id: 42024
What's Suzi got?
id: 42025
What did Ben and Dani get Topaz?
id: 42026
It's a Minecraft redstone guide!
id: 42027
Say cheese!
id: 42028
What's up, Kate?
id: 42029
Phrobyn is cold?
id: 42030
Shoulder rubs!
id: 42031
It was a good night
id: 42032
Topaz is gluten free.. for now
id: 42033
Getting ready to head out?
id: 42034
Kate likes head massages. But really, who doesn't?
id: 42035
Ben figured it would be prudent to check his uniform
id: 42036
Let's watch
id: 42037
Dani's not allowed to see these photos until after tomorrow
id: 42038
Hey, looking spiffy
id: 42039
id: 42040
How do bowties even work?
id: 42041
Ahh, that's how
id: 42042
Ben looks so startled
id: 42043
Kate does not
id: 42044
With Ben's uniform safely out of sight, Dani swings by
id: 42045
Liz dropped the sugar peas
id: 42046
Time for an unusually complicated card game
id: 42047
Kristin is not participating
id: 42048
But these nerds are
id: 42049
Brian keeps all these games in his trunk at all times. No joke
id: 42050
Eric seems overwhelmed
id: 42051
I have no idea how this games works
id: 42052
Building a card wall?
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