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Pictures taken on 01/04/15

id: 42053
I don't even know whose room this is
id: 42054
The newlyweds are a lot more comfy
id: 42055
Chris is having quite a night
id: 42056
Everything is party business
id: 42057
Do not disturb this laptop
id: 42058
Nothing like wine straight from the bottle
id: 42059
Hi there
id: 42060
More wine!
id: 42061
Bunny ears??
id: 42062
Thumbs up, Kimmy
id: 42063
Drinking from various containers
id: 42064
Let's ALL drink from various containers!
id: 42065
id: 42066
This looks like quite a story being told
id: 42067
id: 42068
Guys, remember last night? ...not really.
id: 42069
I saw this guy throwing a couch into the dumpster.. that doesn't seem legal
id: 42070
Cleo likes Suzi
id: 42071
Also Brian
id: 42072
Let's figure out how the hell this game works
id: 42073
Teo is the expert
id: 42074
Topaz learned alarmingly fast.. like he does
id: 42075
I think Joel won. It's difficult to be sure in this game..
id: 42076
id: 42077
That is pretty lazy, guys
id: 42078
My plane is ready to go.. but there are weather and traffic issues in New York
id: 42079
I don't understand shoe shining stations.. but then again I only wear sneakers
id: 42080
Welcome to Terminal B
id: 42081
Big curvy lights
id: 42082
At least it looks pretty clean
id: 42083
I bet I could've just walked away with an entire box of candy
id: 42084
Door needs to relax
id: 42085
My bored fellow travelers
id: 42086
id: 42087
I thought this would be a good sleeping location if necessary
id: 42088
It turns out that the Rochester airport on a Sunday night is not the most bustling of places
id: 42089
No re-entry.. no escape
id: 42090
id: 42091
This is the plane I wanted to take
id: 42092
Not this one
id: 42093
The foot massage made my feet numb, but the back massage was pretty great
id: 42094
Playing with the remote control app is a lot of fun
id: 42095
There's barely anyone around
id: 42096
I ventured over to Terminal A
id: 42097
Sneaking a shot of the TSA checkpoint
id: 42098
I can see your screens, pilots!
id: 42099
Don't drop my bag!
id: 42100
Good job, plane
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