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Pictures taken on 01/16/15

id: 42379
There was some nice lighting on One World Trade Center in the morning on the way to work
id: 42380
Hi Dean
id: 42381
"Whoa! Cameras make weird sounds"
id: 42382
Sam wonders what's going on over here..
id: 42383
Whoa! A toy!
id: 42384
Telling Sam and Dean apart is a real challenge.. but this one is Dean
id: 42385
And this one is Sam
id: 42386
Dean is ready for his closeup
id: 42387
Wagh! Closeup
id: 42388
Dean is such an adventurer
id: 42389
"Wanna see me write stuff?"
id: 42390
Whoa! He can spell BNN!
id: 42391
Sam is sleepy
id: 42392
Along with all the cat photos, I asked Amanda to identify whoever the hell it is in this photo
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