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Pictures taken on 02/13/15

id: 42464
Ready to go shopping?
id: 42465
id: 42466
id: 42467
"This is the improved road?"
id: 42468
That is a large shopping cart
id: 42469
So many shopping carts
id: 42470
Welcome to CostCo
id: 42471
Where to begin?
id: 42472
Whoa! Hi there.
id: 42473
Omar picks up a spare UPS
id: 42474
Liz seems overwhelmed
id: 42475
What's next?
id: 42476
How about a ton of juice
id: 42477
Hey Slappy, nice to finally meet you.
id: 42478
Slappy isn't interested in your "indoors"
id: 42479
Vic knocked, I opened the door, snapped this photo, then slammed it shut again
id: 42480
Amanda's already ready for a nap
id: 42481
This box has seen some shit
id: 42482
We'll survive this weekend somehow
id: 42483
Slappy has given up and come inside.. for now
id: 42484
Vic continues to unload gear
id: 42485
Amanda setting up her station
id: 42486
If anyone comes prepared for a LAN party, it's these two
id: 42487
Vic in his element
id: 42488
Falcon plays a little Hearthstone
id: 42489
Vic tries to get the wheel set up on the plastic table.. without much success
id: 42490
The Oculus camera is watching you, Vic..
id: 42491
Ben looks so lonely
id: 42492
Falcon's turn in the rift
id: 42493
I couldn't see how his race was going, but it certainly sounded.. bouncy
id: 42494
LAN parties are fun, guys
id: 42495
Amanda doesn't like what she sees
id: 42496
Omar.. might?
id: 42497
Comparing drill and bolt sizes? What is Omar up to?
id: 42498
Drilling through a wooden board and table!
id: 42499
id: 42500
Bolting the wood in place
id: 42501
Yep.. that feels about right
id: 42502
What are we doing? Building a racing wheel mount, of course.
id: 42503
Omar's really into it
id: 42504
Securing the bolt in place
id: 42505
Some sort of complicated card game is happening on the table
id: 42506
Alright.. time to try this HOTAS thing out..
id: 42507
Vic is in the zone
id: 42508
Space? Gotta go to space.
id: 42509
Amanda switched tables to escape the motion of the racing wheel
id: 42510
Fun times on the couch?
id: 42511
Flying in space!
id: 42512
Amanda is apparently spending the weekend by being startled by the internet
id: 42513
Salim is really into VR racing
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