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Pictures taken on 03/07/15

id: 42845
With this crazy interface!
id: 42846
It's tough keeping this many people organized
id: 42847
Sweet Sheik cosplay
id: 42848
Whoa, so many lanyards
id: 42849
Hey, I streetpassed with's Will Smith!
id: 42850
Fighting astronaut?
id: 42851
Bob Ross??
id: 42852
Enjoying some coffee on a popular hallway. A perfect place to see cosplayers walking around
id: 42853
Plus a perfect place to pick up streetpasses
id: 42854
League of Legends cosplayers
id: 42855
Hey it's Talim! The best, and only, fighter in Soul Calibur!
id: 42856
Very nice Halo group
id: 42857
Generic nerds?
id: 42858
This guy worked on this costume for 15 years
id: 42859
Very nice Lucina cosplay!
id: 42860
These guys were working on something so creepy I can't even believe it
id: 42861
Time for our appointment with Oculus!
id: 42862
Sorry, people in line. Should have used the app and set up an appointment!
id: 42863
Down on the ground!!
id: 42864
Behold.. the Oculus booth!
id: 42865
Can we go in yet?
id: 42866
These guys were trying out Gear VR
id: 42867
It looked pretty cool, but I was happy with being able to try Crescent Bay
id: 42868
That's a lot of chargers
id: 42869
How is it, buddy?
id: 42870
The Oculus rep was kind enough to take several photos of me playing with the Crescent Bay
id: 42871
What's over there?
id: 42872
It's lighter, higher res, and more responsive than DK2
id: 42873
What's up there??
id: 42874
You guys, VR is pretty awesome
id: 42875
The Life if Fuedal booth was pretty big!
id: 42876
Lots of people wandering around
id: 42877
The race chair booth was pretty popular. Too bad they didn't have any proper racing cockpits for me to try
id: 42878
The elusive Mirabella
id: 42879
Photojournalist Topaz takes a turn with my old camera
id: 42880
What to do now? I dunno, they'll probably do some dumb League of Legends stuff
id: 42881
I couldn't tell if this was a female version of Cloud or a crossplay of Cloud on that one mission.. you know the one.
id: 42882
Let's play Bastion!
id: 42883
Or even better, let's play Dog Sled Saga
id: 42884
Having fun in the Indie Minibooth, Goran?
id: 42885
Let's check the schedule
id: 42886
Success! By making it difficult to take his photo, Mirabella makes it a fun game.. that I usually win!
id: 42887
Topaz takes a look at 12 Minutes while the developer stands in the background
id: 42888
Sweet robot thing?
id: 42889
Goran has been waiting a while to try out 12 minutes
id: 42890
We caught Owen and John on the dance stage
id: 42891
Sweet costume! I have no idea who you are
id: 42892
This looks like something mashed up with Majora's Mask?
id: 42893
Even super soldiers get sleepy
id: 42894
Well. Uh. This is definitely the new worst photo of Mel
id: 42895
I like to think this is Mel reacting to the previous photo
id: 42896
Mel is intimidated by the Steel Battalion controls
id: 42897
No, she is a fierce mech warrior
id: 42898
Goran too.
id: 42899
Mel was the only one who didn't eject in time and died
id: 42900
This is the eject button. If you don't hit it, it deletes your save file!
id: 42901
Yet another cool costume that I don't recognize
id: 42902
Hey Will! Having fun?
id: 42903
Hey it's Talim again!
id: 42904
The bean bag lounge area was like an opium den
id: 42905
Holy crap. That is a lot of lazing nerds
id: 42906
So many PCs!
id: 42907
I wonder what the power usage is..
id: 42908
PCs for days
id: 42909
What should we do next? Get free Magic cards? Get food? Stand around and be indecisive?
id: 42910
This was the last we saw of Mel and Will since we lost track of them after dinner
id: 42911
Hey these guys are getting into the spirit of things
id: 42912
Business Casual link?
id: 42913
The sea of PCs as seen from above
id: 42914
Goran's more of a fan of the beanbags tha he looks
id: 42915
Time to drop in on the concert!
id: 42916
I really liked how there was plenty of space to just lounge around if you didn't want to be up in the big crowd
id: 42917
Maybe a little more space than the band would have liked though..
id: 42918
Lots of people just hanging around playing games. A cool way to see a concert
id: 42919
The wide angle lens makes this seem more empty than it was, but it was fairly empty
id: 42920
Ready for the concert to start
id: 42921
Almost time?
id: 42922
id: 42923
Freezepop is pretty cool
id: 42924
I liked this Enforcer's solution to cosplaying while on duty
id: 42925
This guy is serious business
id: 42926
I wanted to plop so bad
id: 42927
So many card and board game players!
id: 42928
This is what Vic's basement looks like
id: 42956
I think this was the first photo in Topaz's group of photos
id: 42957
Starting off right by shooting Mirabella!
id: 42958
Topaz liked the wide angle lens but did not get to keep it
id: 42959
I looked at the posters from Supergiant so I could find something for Bryce
id: 42960
Which one did I get? It's a mystery!
id: 42961
Bastion is not bad
id: 42962
Whoa. That is a lot of mini figures
id: 42963
I'm assuming this is another League controller
id: 42964
Hi Goran
id: 42965
Loafing around in the hallways
id: 42966
I bet Brian was doing a lot of streetpassing
id: 42967
I'm not sure who these panelists are
id: 42968
Probably more League stuff. So much League stuff.
id: 42969
The catwalk is a great place to take photos of the expo floor
id: 42970
Neat structures
id: 42971
These guys are big fans of Princess Celestia
id: 42972
Brian wants the crazy triangle computer
id: 42973
id: 42974
Creepy aliens
id: 42975
Lots of hardware in the sky
id: 42976
Beanbag town is comfy!
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