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Pictures taken on 04/04/15

id: 43193
Getting the morning binders together again
id: 43194
Don't trust him, he's not a real doctor
id: 43195
This guy was cosplaying as a building!
id: 43196
Get the money!!
id: 43197
Blanka is hungry
id: 43198
There was a little smoke in the air so you could see the shadows from the ceiling
id: 43199
Anna and Elsa want grilled cheese sandwiches
id: 43200
These poor people.. I know, I'll take their photo and put it on the internet.
id: 43201
Business business business.. numbers?
id: 43202
I love seeing AB people mixing in with normal people at the edge of the mall
id: 43203
This guy stayed up all night to get lucky
id: 43204
Porco Rosso!
id: 43205
The cast of the next Smash Brothers?
id: 43206
Ze Germans!
id: 43207
Master Roshi is enjoying the sights
id: 43208
Lots of Kikis this year! I like it
id: 43209
Scary empty costume
id: 43210
This weird dude was hanging around with his unhappy cat for hours..
id: 43211
Discord? Eris?
id: 43212
id: 43213
The guy on the left didn't like me
id: 43214
Oh man, it's a Rakka cosplayer!!
id: 43215
Spiderman and Loki, together at last
id: 43216
I always found old-school Joker way more unsettling
id: 43217
Fire Emblem people and some random people posing with them
id: 43218
A solid Maser Chief
id: 43219
Sting not wearing a Sting mask
id: 43220
Sailor Moon!
id: 43221
Straight out of Bioshock Infinite
id: 43222
Card Captor Sakura!
id: 43223
MC Frontalot didn't get a huge turnout, which is a shame cause he was pretty good
id: 43224
Good show
id: 43225
Get up, people!
id: 43226
Very energetic
id: 43227
Tireless staff
id: 43228
A moment of silence for this cosplayer..
id: 43229
Impromptu dance party?
id: 43230
It's Jesus! On Easter!
id: 43231
Rock on, man. Rock on.
id: 43232
Tony and Shayna!
id: 43233
Revolving doors scare Beany
id: 43234
Let's figure out how to get T tickets
id: 43235
Riding around Boston
id: 43236
What is Beany talking about? Who knows
id: 43237
No biting Tony
id: 43238
Not even if you say please
id: 43239
Getting Chinese food
id: 43240
Chinese food is fun
id: 43241
Green beans!
id: 43242
These lumps were delicious
id: 43243
Beany loves lumps
id: 43244
id: 43245
Strange little statues
id: 43246
What will Beany buy?
id: 43247
Tony inspects the nonsense
id: 43248
Lots of stuff
id: 43249
These swords seem dubious
id: 43250
This is one hell of a VHS
id: 43251
id: 43252
What next?
id: 43253
Strike a pose!
id: 43254
Beany freaking out
id: 43255
I couldn't really capture how messed up this carpet was. Even knowing it was set up like this I almost tripped on it
id: 43256
Hey there goat head buddy..
id: 43257
Beany's got some kind of gross tea thing
id: 43258
Let's go to the T!
id: 43259
It got cold
id: 43260
So cold
id: 43261
Tony walked backwards so his face wouldn't freeze off
id: 43262
The capitol!
id: 43263
So far to walk in the cold
id: 43264
Tony couldn't get the doors to open
id: 43265
To the subway!
id: 43266
Subway guitar man
id: 43267
"Let me get something out of your backpack"
id: 43268
Harvard Square!
id: 43269
Tony was impressed by the novelization of Equestria Girls
id: 43270
Whoa, hello
id: 43271
The rare Dan photo!
id: 43272
Hi Beany
id: 43273
Beany and Dan
id: 43274
id: 43275
Beany wonders.. what is up
id: 43276
Nice hat
id: 43277
"You making fun of my hat?"
id: 43278
Woogidy hands
id: 43279
id: 43280
Shayna is sneaky
id: 43281
Waiting for the train
id: 43282
Mysterious puddle..
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