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Pictures taken on 04/10/15

id: 43343
Airplanes. Am I right?
id: 43344
Steve's got a few things to say
id: 43345
Dustin might too
id: 43346
Everyone's here!
id: 43347
Hi Megan
id: 43348
It's like I never left
id: 43349
Phil contemplates over his beer
id: 43350
Jokes are funny
id: 43351
Mike is thinking about getting more to drink
id: 43352
Shawn brought some fancy scotch which was pretty popular
id: 43353
And Phil still opts for the Blue!
id: 43354
Mmm, fancy scotch
id: 43355
Time for the main event of the evening.. Telestrations
id: 43356
Everyone brace yourselves
id: 43357
Let's explain the rules again
id: 43358
You should be DRAWING
id: 43359
Why do we play this game. It just creates more mental scars
id: 43360
Someday Steve will learn to spell
id: 43361
Dustin knows the only way to win at Telestrations
id: 43362
What are you looking up?
id: 43363
Matt is super ready for this game
id: 43364
"Look at that!"
id: 43365
Phil is already starting his decline in the corner
id: 43366
Right Matt?
id: 43367
Explain this drawing, Phil
id: 43368
Phil.. attempts an explanation
id: 43369
Oh my
id: 43370
Phil's turn!
id: 43371
What.. the hell... is that
id: 43372
id: 43373
Steve is not so sure
id: 43374
Tamara hesitates to show what's next
id: 43375
Tom attempts to explain.. but it is impossible
id: 43376
Welcome to Telestrations night
id: 43377
That's not how.. words happen
id: 43378
Look at that!
id: 43379
Whoa, hey Steve!
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