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Pictures taken on 05/23/15

id: 43796
Nice egg sheet
id: 43797
Whoa, settle down there Tony
id: 43798
Breakfast is barely over and it's already time to start the ribs. Slow cooking!
id: 43799
Yesss, look at all that smoke
id: 43800
Pineapples are weird
id: 43801
Brett checks out the dock
id: 43802
Don't jump, Tony!
id: 43803
Nice dock
id: 43804
Brett agrees
id: 43805
I think Tony is having a good time
id: 43806
Also Brett and PB
id: 43807
I like Bryce's shades
id: 43808
Let's get a fire going
id: 43809
Gonna need lots of wood
id: 43810
Bryce likes fire
id: 43811
Looking good, PB
id: 43812
Eagle scout Tony
id: 43813
Hey man, whatever, man
id: 43814
I like this picture of Brett
id: 43815
This is apparently photogenic Brett weekend
id: 43816
Also Bryce
id: 43817
id: 43818
Nothing like a little day fire and day drinking
id: 43819
Tony agrees
id: 43820
We just sort of stared at it for a little bit
id: 43821
Brett beat me in ping pong. It was a terrible defeat
id: 43822
Nice window!
id: 43823
"How was ping pong?"
id: 43824
Bryce and Brett walking back from the game cabin
id: 43825
Don't accept any packages from Bryce..
id: 43826
Bryce is all about fire safety
id: 43827
The ribs are ready!
id: 43828
Tony had some sort of crazy Roman game
id: 43829
Agave Caesar!
id: 43830
Tony Augustus?
id: 43831
PB didn't get it
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