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Pictures taken on 06/08/15

id: 44263
Let's go to Disney World.. I guess
id: 44264
Space Mountain!
id: 44265
This is where they launch some of the fireworks for the big show at the end of the night
id: 44266
Monorail sick bay
id: 44267
A lot of Disney World looks like this but normal park-goers never see it
id: 44268
Well.. here we are
id: 44269
Ooo, consider me interested
id: 44270
Topaz snaps some pictures
id: 44271
Hey look, animals!
id: 44272
id: 44273
I don't know what most of these animals are
id: 44274
Hippos are scary
id: 44275
Birds are stupid
id: 44276
Giant alligator
id: 44277
That's what our safari bus looks like
id: 44278
id: 44279
id: 44280
Don't just stand around in the road!
id: 44281
Elephant sighted!
id: 44282
Hello elephant
id: 44283
This photo is really similar to the previous one.. whoops
id: 44284
Baby elephant
id: 44285
id: 44286
More rhinos
id: 44287
That's a big cat
id: 44288
Typical cat
id: 44289
id: 44290
Interlaced horses
id: 44291
id: 44292
So many squigglehorns!
id: 44293
This is how James reacts to all photos
id: 44294
But.. Buffalo is harmless!
id: 44295
Blech. So many people.
id: 44296
The real Mount Everest doesn't really have a roller coaster.. or does it
id: 44297
I agree!
id: 44298
Insert golf ball joke here
id: 44299
James in his native habitat on the monorail
id: 44300
James loves monorails
id: 44301
James says this place is called "Concourse unload" and it's the worst
id: 44302
It's hard to get a normal photo of James
id: 44303
Standing in front of the monorail control booth
id: 44304
Bye Mariah!
id: 44305
James tries to get out of the frame
id: 44306
James tries really hard
id: 44307
The monorail control panel!
id: 44308
Golf ball golf ball golf ball golf ball golf ball
id: 44309
Back to see these stupid robots in Spaceship Earth.. but now with more ISO!
id: 44310
id: 44311
id: 44312
Moon landings!
id: 44313
Disco computer scientist!
id: 44314
I made a weird face for this thing
id: 44315
Spaceship Eaaarrrtthhh
id: 44316
Lens flares are cool
id: 44317
James blue da ba dee da ba da
id: 44318
Topaz designs a car...
id: 44319
..and this is what he made
id: 44320
Cars are cool?
id: 44321
Fake computer gear at Mission: SPACE
id: 44322
Inside the capsule!
id: 44323
We found one of stupid dogtag machines... running Windows 3.1!!
id: 44324
id: 44325
Time to leave Epcot
id: 44326
Topaz had fun
id: 44327
Time for Hollywood Studios!
id: 44328
James loves 3D
id: 44329
So does Topaz
id: 44330
It was tough for me to convey that these Tinker Toys were like 15 feet tall
id: 44331
Spooky desk at Tower of Terror
id: 44332
Topaz unsafely eats turkey legs while driving crazy Star Wars vehicles
id: 44333
Things are fun?
id: 44334
id: 44335
id: 44336 light monkeys?
id: 44337
Projecting images on water mist is pretty cool
id: 44338
Various Disney characters ran around..
id: 44339
Belle and the Beast
id: 44340
Prince Eric and Ariel made an appearance
id: 44341
Ariel is having fun
id: 44342
Snow White!
id: 44343
Black light snake!
id: 44344
Water fountains!
id: 44345
Disney Boat?
id: 44346
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