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Pictures taken on 06/11/15

id: 44429
Who's ready for meetings?
id: 44430
Charles is ready for breakfast
id: 44431
Everyone got their notebooks ready?
id: 44432
id: 44433
Hey cool, the actual Yellow Power Ranger suit!
id: 44434
Same with the Pink Ranger
id: 44435
Josh was really into this Toy Story shooting game
id: 44436
I completely crushed everyone else since I had played it earlier and learned the tricks
id: 44437
Jacob does his model shot
id: 44438
Everyone loves Chewbacca
id: 44439
Hi Max
id: 44440
We found Nate!
id: 44441
Artie is a dance machine
id: 44442
This New York skyline seems.. odd
id: 44443
Oh cool, I'll just take the subway home
id: 44444
Hey, what the hell!
id: 44445
Cool DJ truck
id: 44446
Josh is.. having a good time
id: 44447
Craig is having such a good time he's about to burst a blood vessel
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