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Pictures taken on 06/27/15

id: 44528
We took a scary tour of the basement in the dark
id: 44529
An also the kitchen
id: 44530
Look out, Alan!!
id: 44531
Omar's here!
id: 44532
Dean is wondering who the hell all these peopl eare
id: 44533
Hi Dean!
id: 44534
Mel inspects Dean. Dean.. wonders.
id: 44535
Oh by the way, the power came back on in the morning, as predicted!
id: 44536
Hi Will
id: 44537
Look out, Dean!!
id: 44538
Jesus Christ, Mel. Why do you do this??
id: 44539
OK.. ready for AMVs?
id: 44540
Alan sure is
id: 44541
Vic sets up the gear. Dean supervises.
id: 44542
This is what it looks like to be Vic's TV
id: 44543
Ain't no party like an AMV prescreening party
id: 44544
The 2014 trophies had a bunch of misprints so we got to grab one! I got "1st Place Damatic/Serious"
id: 44545
A billion hours later, Vic tells us who made the videos
id: 44546
Alan tries out his unabomber look
id: 44547
Rain is scary
id: 44548
Jefferson is just.. standing in the heavy rain not even attempting to stay dry
id: 44549
Van ride!!
id: 44550
Amanda loves diners.
id: 44551
Hi Omar
id: 44552
Let's order some food
id: 44553
Mel looks almost normal here
id: 44554
Everyone smile! ..or not
id: 44555
Albert got some kind of gross milkshake flavor but I forgot what it was
id: 44556
We had some fun looking up fake Magic cards
id: 44557
This giant Pacman arcade machine was amazing
id: 44558
Dramatic right to the end
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