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Pictures taken on 07/24/15

id: 44617
"Which one am I?" uhh..
id: 44618
Sinon from Sword Art Online!
id: 44619
The Otakon Simulator guy is back!
id: 44620
id: 44621
This appears to be some sort of Victorian Ganondorf
id: 44622
It certainly didn't feel like fewer people this year!
id: 44623
This is what the AMV Theater looked like for most of the weekend
id: 44624
Mel is a creeper
id: 44625
Wow, a lot of people turned out for the second round of the Space Flight panel
id: 44626
This year we had to do a lot of line control
id: 44627
Not sure what this is but I thought it was neat. Deer girl?
id: 44628
Got to keep the schedule up to date
id: 44629
The tubes really made this costume
id: 44630
Princess Tutu!
id: 44631
Poison Ivy meets Mario?
id: 44632
Rough day?
id: 44633
Working at Otakon is fun.. right?
id: 44634
Vic still gets the occasional autograph request!
id: 44635
Thousands of AMV fans!
id: 44636
Oh god, who put this gy in charge
id: 44637
Nice view from the sky bridge
id: 44638
A program guide for the first ever Otakon! I found this in the very cool Otakon museum
id: 44639
Josh, this photo is for you
id: 44640
Peter in one of his many elaborate costumes!
id: 44641
Mel loves ballot counting
id: 44642
It turns out Daphne used to work data entry so she was great at this
id: 44643
Topaz and I were just glad that our counting software worked
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