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Pictures taken on 07/25/15

id: 44644
We had to wait for these guys to fix the door before we go to bed.. Timestamp: 2:21am
id: 44645
id: 44646
id: 44647
Mel is already half in costume for her debut as Iron Editor host
id: 44648
Lots of Sabers. This shot was for Bryce
id: 44649
Peter has a new costume! Vinyl Scratch aka DJ-PON3
id: 44650
Princess Luna!
id: 44651
Some costumes are more problematic than others.. sitting with tails is hard
id: 44652
What. The hell. Is this. I found it in Prog Ops
id: 44653
Hey this isn't New Mexico
id: 44654
A little fun while not fighting Titans
id: 44655
Good lord, Brakus
id: 44656
Silent Bob stayed in character
id: 44657
A super group?
id: 44658
Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg
id: 44659
Mel hosted Iron Editor this year! She cosplayed as Chihiro
id: 44660
Go Mel go
id: 44661
Costume change!
id: 44662
The competitors working on their videos
id: 44663
Mel does her best Obama "not bad" face
id: 44664
What're'ya buy-- You're under arrest!
id: 44665
id: 44666
What the hell is going on here
id: 44667
You can't really see it but Revolver is actually twirling a revolver!
id: 44668
Everyone do the carameldansen!
id: 44669
This guy made that amazing "Let it Chopper" AMV
id: 44670
Excellent Lucina cosplay!
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