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Pictures taken on 09/03/15

id: 44983
Oh yes. Steve is ready for camping
id: 44984
Phil looks like he was born ready
id: 44985
Phil's face as my cheapo folding chair made some ominous creaking sounds
id: 44986
Steve shows off Megan's hilarious wine glass holder
id: 44987
Nils and Christina have claimed their corner of the campfire
id: 44988
Dustin was really proud of his little foldable stool thing
id: 44989
Steve was surprisingly excited to play a game of Settlers. Count me in!
id: 44990
Christina and Nils joined us
id: 44991
How does this game work again?
id: 44992
Dustin doesn't know and Dustin doesn't care
id: 44993
We eventually started rolling the die in the box since it kept going off the table
id: 44994
See that blur on the top-right? That's a chip Steve is trying to eat
id: 44995
id: 44996
Phil gets to work setting up the fire for the night
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