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Pictures taken on 09/04/15

id: 44997
The next morning was spooky and foggy as we drove to the boat place
id: 44998
Phil seems pretty excited.. what's he up to? Little did we know..
id: 44999
Dustin's ready for a day on the water
id: 45000
Nice shades, Matt
id: 45001
Dustin gets to work on his tube
id: 45002
Matt assumes his standard position on the boat
id: 45003
Boat partyyy
id: 45004
The day was a lot warmer and nicer than last year
id: 45005
Phil, what the hell?? He brought his own boat!
id: 45006
Steve seems perplexed by Phil's giant tube
id: 45007
Into the water!
id: 45008
But put on sunscreen first
id: 45009
Time to launch this thing
id: 45010
It's getting away!
id: 45011
The first test pilots board the USS Minkler
id: 45012
Beer is an essential part of the testing program
id: 45013
Phil and Steve weren't the only ones engaging in a tube testing program
id: 45014
Towing the tube seems like a bad idea..
id: 45015
Phil seems pretty confident
id: 45016
Steve helps tie the tube down
id: 45017
This still from a video shows the moment right before the tether holds failed..
id: 45018
Aaand the moment after
id: 45019
Well, that's the end of Phil and Steve
id: 45020
Well there's your problem
id: 45021
They're saved!
id: 45022
Well that was exciting
id: 45023
What's up with this helicopter that keeps flying past us?
id: 45024
Matt found the worst wig
id: 45025
Dustin is the whitest person
id: 45026
At least his beard won't get a sunburn
id: 45027
Alright everyone, on three... 1, 2, 3..
id: 45028
id: 45029
Now they're back in the water
id: 45030
It takes some skill to drink beer successfully in a lake
id: 45031
Megan has joined the tube test pilot program
id: 45032
Steve is so comfy
id: 45033
Matt is upside down!
id: 45034
"Jumping, eh?"
id: 45035
Dustin seems pretty proud of himself
id: 45036
Phil's turn to be upside down
id: 45037
Yes, I was the boat pilot again
id: 45038
OK give me my camera back
id: 45039
I was too busy running to the bathroom to help carry stuff. Cause I don't pee off the boat like an animal!
id: 45040
Did you have fun, Megan?
id: 45041
Good boat
id: 45042
I wish I had gotten a picture of the crazy guy across the street who kept dancing at people
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