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Pictures taken on 09/05/15

id: 45043
Mmm, camping breakfast
id: 45044
We're helping
id: 45045
Pancakes and bacon!
id: 45046
Back to the Dustin Zimmer Memorial Swimming Hole
id: 45047
Megan gets her own pictures
id: 45048
I could get used to this HDR stuff. The photo looks so natural!
id: 45049
Lots of people here today
id: 45050
Phil contemplates.. I dunno, rocks?
id: 45051
Nils is chills
id: 45052
id: 45053
Nice waterfall
id: 45054
Steve's brain hurts
id: 45055
Megan is just hanging out on the rocks
id: 45056
Climbing back up?
id: 45057
Matt thinks deep thoughts
id: 45058
That's not how swimming works
id: 45059
id: 45060
Matt really got into his jump
id: 45061
I love Phil's reaction to Christina's jump
id: 45062
id: 45063
Megan's just going to live on this waterfall now
id: 45064
Every time I see this it makes me think of The Last of Us
id: 45065
Megan and Steve are having fun
id: 45066
Phil is.. being Phil
id: 45067
While the rest of the gang went to the brewery, I went on an impromptu hike with Phil and Matt
id: 45068
We had no idea how long this hill was
id: 45069
Phil needed to stop for a little refreshment
id: 45070
Matt does not seem surprised
id: 45071
Hey this trail has some nice views
id: 45072
Look at the little people! You may recognize this place from the photos two years ago when we were the little people
id: 45073
Meanwhile, the trail continues
id: 45074
id: 45075
What the hell?? Not only a parking lot, but a parking lot under construction
id: 45076
The Taughannock Falls I keep hearing about
id: 45077
Nice view from this area
id: 45078
That's the bridge we were on two years ago!
id: 45079
"Nature in America"
id: 45080
This is the view looking the other way
id: 45081
You guys ready to head back?
id: 45082
No, we must continue on!
id: 45083
Wait... this is the end of the trail??
id: 45084
Screw you, trail
id: 45085
Phil and Matt wanted a nice picture together
id: 45086
This is what they got
id: 45087
This place is full of great views
id: 45088
Time for some night cooking?
id: 45089
Megan likes campfires
id: 45090
Is that normal for fire?
id: 45091
Nils has a pretty sweet shirt
id: 45092
It's so dark, Steve!
id: 45093
What's Matt making?
id: 45094
Good times
id: 45095
Of course, we eventually had to light up the disco ball for the pre-quiet-time dance party
id: 45096
These dots are a real bitch to capture with the camera but I think this shot does an OK job
id: 45097
The streaks it makes when spinning are impossible to capture
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