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Pictures taken on 09/06/15

id: 45098
"Why is it wet in here? Did you bring this beer in here??" "...I dunno! ...maybe! Maybe it was a beer assassin!" I think it was Phil
id: 45099
My trust "shuttle chair" from STS-134 suffered a fatal injury when I lazily tossed it down the trail ahead of me. It served me well.
id: 45100
The disco ball was also a casualty of this trip. At least the casualties weren't human this year!
id: 45101
Time to go home
id: 45102
We were tricked by the "World Renowned Omlets" sign. They were not very good. We should have guessed since that's not how you spell omelet.
id: 45103
Eh, it'll do though. Good trip!
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