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Pictures taken on 12/25/15

id: 45581
Macaroni lurks under the tree
id: 45582
Present monster
id: 45583
I had never seen It's a Wonderful Life and Mom insisted we had to fix that.. even though it kept us up until almost 2!
id: 45584
Becky caffeines up for Christmas morning
id: 45585
Ooo, wine glasses!
id: 45586
Mom loves wine glasses
id: 45587
Becky helps unpack the glasses
id: 45588
Looking good! Plus, one broke and they sent four new ones and let her keep the three good ones!
id: 45589
What did I get Becky??
id: 45590
It's those weird magazine dividers that she wanted for her classroom!
id: 45591
This should make rainy days in NYC a lot easier
id: 45592
id: 45593
I think Mom found a winner
id: 45594
Lumpy misleading present..
id: 45595
It's a Discman... what?? I'll explain later
id: 45596
The Giant Bomb guys would be proud
id: 45597
Christmas is fun
id: 45598
Hey nice, a wine board
id: 45599
There's definitely a theme for Mom this year
id: 45600
Mom knit me and Becky awesome blankets! So soft
id: 45601
I got Becky something else!
id: 45602
It's "the Huddler"! Like a snuggy.. but a Patriots uniform
id: 45603
Looks like it.. fits? Is that even the right word?
id: 45604
A Jambox! Suddenly the discman makes more sense. Bluetooth for the iPhone, discman for CDs!
id: 45605
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris got me these funny Rubik's Cube mugs
id: 45606
Haha, I don't remember what gift this was attached to but I liked the card
id: 45607
Look at this amazing sweatshirt!!
id: 45608
Becky got Mom some sort of town outing with her. I forget the details but they were both excited
id: 45609
You see?
id: 45610
I missed what the deal with Peaks Island is but Mom is all about it
id: 45611
Boxes like this are always exciting
id: 45612
Becky got Mom a nice trivet. Or whatever you call this. Wall-squares
id: 45613
Ooo, space pen!
id: 45614
Ready for breakfast?
id: 45615
I had Diet Mountain Dew instead of a mimosa
id: 45616
I got a new lens! Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM
id: 45617
Pancake lens! So little!
id: 45618
I also got some fun clear "thinking putty"
id: 45619
id: 45620
Christmas breakfast!
id: 45621
Ready to go?
id: 45622
Nick's turn in VR. It did not agree with him very well
id: 45623
Uncle Chris asks what Gragra's been up to
id: 45624
Greg was really into VR
id: 45625
Sitting around chatting
id: 45626
Time for presents!
id: 45627
The other side of the room
id: 45628
For meee?
id: 45629
It's an ornament!
id: 45630
Gragra looks so concerned
id: 45631
Hi Mom
id: 45632
Sometimes I question my policy of captioning every shot. This one is like "Yup.. Uncle Chris"
id: 45633
Gragra gets a present!
id: 45634
What could it be?
id: 45635
It's a Rubik's Cube! She liked mine so much the other day that I had to get her one
id: 45636
Mandatory Goulding beard?
id: 45637
Happy Hobo Gragra?
id: 45638
Nick and Becky got some wind chime thing
id: 45639
Let's read about it
id: 45640
I got Aunt Teresa a present!
id: 45641
It's a breakfast sandwich maker!
id: 45642
Time for dinner
id: 45643
Hi Uncle Chris
id: 45644
id: 45645
Uncle Michael stopped by
id: 45646
King Michael
id: 45647
I forget what was in this letter
id: 45648
I think Uncle Michael likes the crown
id: 45649
Becky and Nick!
id: 45650
Me, Mom, and Becky!
id: 45651
Uncle Chris was also impressed by the GearVR
id: 45652
Macaroni loves movie time
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