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Pictures taken on 12/26/15

id: 45653
My Mom's house! Not for much longer though, it's on the market!
id: 45654
Looking up Meridian St
id: 45655
Hi, cat
id: 45656
Typical suburbia
id: 45657
The roads around here can be a little rough
id: 45658
Looking West into downtown Melrose
id: 45659
Becky's old dance school. I can't tell if it shut down or if the exterior is just all messed up
id: 45660
Main Street, Melrose
id: 45661
This was my "playground" during the brief stint I did at Catholic school
id: 45662
The Catholic school. I lasted one semester. I didn't like them and they didn't like me.
id: 45663
St. Mary's, my old church
id: 45664
id: 45665
Nice building, I guess
id: 45666
This is the bank where they filmed the opening scenes of The Town
id: 45667
This guy should clearly be doing one of the Y-M-C-A letter poses
id: 45668
Walking along Main Street
id: 45669
I love the smell of this hardware store. Is that weird?
id: 45670
City Hall
id: 45671
Fire department
id: 45672
I only know this is that building where I go to see Becky perform in The Nutcracker
id: 45673
This used to be Caruso's and had some pretty great pizza
id: 45674
Wait, is Melrose Co-Op a Bank of America now?
id: 45675
The Gazebo at Ell Pond
id: 45676
Ell Pond can look pretty nice
id: 45677
id: 45678
What are gazebos even for?
id: 45679
Continuing on
id: 45680
The Vietnam War memorial. Dad's friend Scott Andresen is on here.
id: 45681
I used to take this curvy road when walking to school
id: 45682
The Fellsway
id: 45683
id: 45684
In the winter this was always completely covered in ice and I would fall on it all the time
id: 45685
Oh jeez, I know this place
id: 45686
Melrose High School
id: 45687
I spent a lot of time hanging out down here waiting for a ride
id: 45688
The entrance to the school
id: 45689
Hey, Abby donated a brick!
id: 45690
And Dr. Burke!
id: 45691
The new Middle School has some nice elements
id: 45692
Shadows and light
id: 45693
This area is uh.. hm.
id: 45694
This wasn't here before
id: 45695
Anybody home? Ms. Whitner?
id: 45696
Standing in the Fellsway is inadvisable
id: 45697
Walking back to Mom's house
id: 45698
Having this license plate is just asking for trouble
id: 45699
This is the place
id: 45700
Test driving the chair we had picked out
id: 45701
Hey this one's not bad!
id: 45702
Test driving chairs is serious business
id: 45703
Becky helps out
id: 45704
Dad was having fun comparing them all
id: 45705
Time to choose a fabric
id: 45706
Becky is ready for Dad to make a decision
id: 45707
Is this the one?
id: 45708
We ended up with a brownish fabric. At the time of captioning, the chair has arrived and he loves it! Just had to rearrange the furniture a little.
id: 45709
Robert Young, aka Pop Pop, my grandfather
id: 45710
He served in World War II
id: 45711
He died when I was 13. I have good memories of him but they're not as strong as I'd like
id: 45712
Lots of little items placed by family
id: 45713
It's a nice pictueresque site
id: 45714
Not sure what to say on this one..
id: 45715
Time to head home
id: 45716
Nice weather for the visit
id: 45717
Yesss, oven full of Petrone's
id: 45718
Mom is more freaked out by the big 3-0 than I am
id: 45719
Nick and Becky came by to celebrate
id: 45720
Posing with Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa!
id: 45721
Me and Mom!
id: 45722
Here comes the not-cake!
id: 45723
Oh jeez, I guess it's real now, huh?
id: 45724
Who wants a slice
id: 45725
That's a special low-carb pumpkin pie, by the way
id: 45726
Way to go, Mom
id: 45727
Wow! Mom got me this amazingly detailed model of a Mercury spacecraft
id: 45728
Specifically John Glenn's vehicle, Friendship 7
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