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Pictures taken on 01/02/16

id: 45848
Bryce drew this for the Miiverse
id: 45849
Well done, Miiverse
id: 45850
Omar tells Yoda who's boss
id: 45851
McKeed tries to get the Yoda robot to listen to him
id: 45852
Watch out, he's armed!
id: 45853
id: 45854
We had a little car confrontation as Omar, Dave, and I left for another round of go karts and Mel and Will left for breakfast
id: 45855
Mel's gonna die
id: 45856
id: 45857
We're back
id: 45858
The layout for track 1. Fun track!
id: 45859
Whoa. Hi Omar.
id: 45860
Dave is ready to race. Of course, I crushed him.
id: 45861
Bryce tries his hand at being a bomb defuser
id: 45862
Bomb experts?
id: 45863
Ahh, here they are
id: 45864
"Do you have the word 'see'?"
id: 45865
Bryce is gonna die
id: 45866
Omar is in the Mount Your Friends zone
id: 45867
Hey look, an almost normal photo of Mel!
id: 45868
So tense!
id: 45869
id: 45870
Someone remember where we parked
id: 45871
Alan is super excited
id: 45872
Well.. let's get in line
id: 45873
Mel.. that face..
id: 45874
This is Vic's future attic
id: 45875
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